Nippon no pan ja nai!

I need your help!!

Kelly here.  :)  One of the things I will have to do right away when I start classes with students is a self-introduction, combined with some information and discussion about America in general. I think I'd like to do a little quiz/discussion about ideas and stereotypes we have about Japan and the ones they have about us. Can you please help me with this?? I would love responses from anyone at all but especially ones from kids of all ages!!! 

I will share the responses I get in Japan once I begin classes at the end of August. I bet you'll get as big a hoot out of their answers as they're sure to get from yours.  :) 

Fill in the blanks or answer as many questions as you'd like. Use the numbers in your answer so I know which question(s) you're answering. Thanks so, so much!!

1. When I think of Japan, I think of ___________. 

2. When I imagine students in school in Japan, I think they are __________. 

3. I think that Japanese people probably do _______ for fun. 

4. When I think of Japanese food or drinks, I think of _________. 

5. What sports do you think are popular in Japan? 

6. TRUE OR FALSE: Most Japanese students get straight A's. 

7. TRUE OR FALSE: Most Japanese people eat sushi every day. 

8. TRUE OR FALSE: All Japanese people like anime. 

9. I think that Japanese students get MORE / LESS homework than American students. 

10. TRUE OR FALSE: Most Japanese students speak fluent English by the time they are in high school.